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Magic mushrooms are widely known for their psychedelic effects, and any harmful consumption may result in disastrous consequences or even land you in a coma. The magic mushrooms may land you on a bad trip in the worst possible scenario.

This is a state where your hallucinations become very harmful, even to yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically. Magic mushrooms are also notorious for their side effects in the process commonly known as coming down, which is just the stage at which the impact of the magic mushrooms starts to wear out.

Create a positive mindset

Magic mushrooms are notorious for invoking powerful memories and powerful emotions. Most of these memories and emotions are usually just tuned-up emotions one had when they were beginning the psychedelic trip. The experiences explored during the trip may be an extended version of the memories one had at the start, just like a more tuned-up version of fantasizing magicmushroomdispensary.

Crosscheck your mushrooms

Most of the side effects encountered in taking magic mushrooms are due to impurities in the mushroom. The mushroom may not be a psychedelic drug but a potent toxin you may have bought.

This is especially true when you consider that magic mushrooms are often confused with poisonous mushrooms, and instead of going on a good trip, you will meet your maker.

Have a person near you

The magic mushroom may send you on a bad trip, and then things may start getting ugly to the point you may decide to start physically harming yourself. In this regard, you should choose a plan B option if things go sideways. This person will be responsible for preventing you from inflicting self-harm on yourself.

Avoid the use of any other drug

Magic mushrooms are notorious for invoking the deepest part of your subconsciousness. Therefore, you may want to avoid anything that may interfere with your invocation, as things may get ugly quickly. These drugs, such as alcohol, may be depressants, so your trip may be very depressing. The journey might be hyped if the drug taken was a stimulant. In the worst-case scenario, the emotions connected to the drug may be stimulated, and there is no telling which memory will be stimulated. To be on the safe side, just use the magic mushroom alone.

Play your favourite music

Music has been proven to have a calming and soothing effect on your mind. The music will significantly help you focus on the merry part of your brain. This is something you will require if you want to have a pleasant time with your magic mushroom.


The use of magic mushrooms is faced with a myriad of challenges, and it is in your best interest if you may steer clear of all the trouble since the trouble can become life-threatening. Guide to consuming Magic Mushrooms Safely.